From the catalogue of the festival


GUILT Cyprus – Greece Focus on World Cinema 2009 / Colour / 93 min

PRODUCTION TEAM Director : Vassilis Mazomenos Script : Vassilis Mazomenos Photography : Katerina Marangoudaki Editor : Panayotis Fotiou Cast : Nikos Arvanitis, Kostas Seiradakis, Yiannis Tsortekis, Arto Apartian, Evelina Papoulia.

GUILT While undergoing an operation, an old man, a former gun dealer, revisits his long life; he returns in time to a place in the past where he made a fortune. As a youth, he visits the place (a colony back then), to buy a torture machine. Later, middle aged, two of the soldiers he met in the colony, work in his home as servants. In his elder years, having lost his fortune, he wanders about like a crazy man, still accompanied by one of the servants. Is this the old man’s real life story or just the the stuff of a nightmare? GUILT is the story of a man and a 50-year-old tragedy that is the history of Cyprus.

Vassilis Mazomenos Born in Athens, Greece in 1964, Vassilis Mazomenos studied political science and communications and began his filmmaking career directing commercials and corporate videos. He served as the artistic director of several Greek films, published three books, and directed plays. Selected filmography: Days of Rage: A Requiem for Europe (1995), The Triumph of Time (1996), Money, a Mythology of Darkness (1998), Remembrance (2002), WORDS AND SINS (2004).

September 02, 2009 • 12:40:00 • CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 12 • L12.02.2 • Grec s.t.a. September 03, 2009 • 19:20:00 • CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 12 • L12.03.5 • Grec s.t.a. September 04, 2009 • 17:20:00 • CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 12 • L12.04.4 • Grec s.t.a.


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