a great friend, the filmaker George Kolozis left…

We did “Remembrance” together and he was great.

George I’ll always remember you.KOLOZIS


2 responses to “a great friend, the filmaker George Kolozis left…

  1. My schoolmate George was a humble and noble person, a doer – not a talker, a genuine personality beyond any pretence, ambiguity or exaggeration. Although our busy schedules doing the things we love did not allow for more personal contact, I will miss the few words we exchanged on an almost daily basis, as he walked by my house on his way to work. George lived the life he liked, and liked the life he lived. Unfortunately and unjustifiably, it was way too short.

  2. It is with great sorrow that I learned of George’s passing. Thursday I was on my way to the set in LosAngeles and Rafika Cherwishe called me from Athens with the sad news and I must say I am deeply struck by the loss.
    When I contemplated my relationship with George I realized that we were only together working for no more than three days at Pascha 1982 and then that wonderful evening this past March in Athens. I felt a new door had opened in my life (or perhaps an old one re-opened) the bonds of friendship were strengthened anew.

    How is it that George’s character held such a deep hold upon me? I admired and respected his ability, humour and deep feelings. When we finished filming in Linistaina (near Andritsiana) on “Remembrance of a Journey to the Village”, we drove back to Athens on that Pascha Saturday (with the lamb my cousin had provided). George made sure this was the finest lamb from my cousin’s flock, to make up to his family for being away working during that important week. He was always good humored on the road even though our English right-hand drive car made for treacherous passing in the mountains. At such moments he clicked his tongue and gave me stern looks but never a reproach. He diverted us to a church in Tripolis to view the epitaphio. George took some careful moments to take photographs in the stillness of late afternoon. It was his way I think of celebrating the ancient sacrifice. For me his spirit lives on.

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